Orange Tech was founded in 2008 in order to stand out in the Tunisian market to provide:

  • - Pneumatic automation components
  • - Valves and fittings for high-performance security
  • - System management interventions (interlock)
  • - Components of measurement, instrumentation and industrial control pressure, temperature, humidity, level, flow …

Orange Tech, whose head office’s in Sfax in southern Tunisia, a solid experience gained through working with European partners more established in the market.

Orange Tech is able to provide components and high-tech solutions according to customer specifications in various areas such as:

  • * Oil & Gas
  • * Industrial Automation
  • * Chemistry and petrochemistry
  • * Pharmaceutic
  • * Food
  • * Hydraulic systems
  • * Buildings and health

High degree of flexibility enables Orange Tech to react quickly and effectively to meet the constantly evolving market requirements.